Monday, May 1, 2017

transfers and saying goodbye to Elder Torres

April 24th

The last week of transfer 6 is over. It was a pretty good one!
So about transfers, there's some kinda sad news... I didn't get moved, but Elder Torres did. We are pretty sad about it! It was a super fun transfer and I cant believe it went as fast as it did. We were hoping that he'd stay one more but it didn't happen. But its just part of mission life. The comp I'm getting is named Elder Naytson and he's from Recife, so Brazilian.
This week we focused a lot on growing our teaching base again. We found a good amount of people so we should pretty good shape to start off this next transfer.
I did a split with Elder Guzman, my zone leader on Friday. I went to his area and worked with him. I always like doing splits with the zone leaders, its a good opportunity to learn. Elder Guzman and I are good friends so it was a fun day. He's also going to stay this next transfer along with my other zone leader Elder Seaman from Baltimore. The two elders I'm living with, Elder Boldrin and Elder Santana are also staying. They're super fun to be around so I was happy about that too.
btw, the weather is awesome here!  It's starting to be winter, and winter is actually the most wonderful time of the year.  These past 2 weeks its always been around 73 outside. It's so sweet!!!

But that's actually about it for this week. We're still working hard to find the elect people! But I'll talk to you guys next week.
Elder Odom

Elder Torres made awesome burritos

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