Monday, May 1, 2017

Another good week

May 1st
It was another good week!
My companion, elder Naytson is great. I learned a very valuable lesson that i'll never forget. Never judge someone based on what you hear from others. He's grown a lot as a person and missionary, and now He's doing just fine. Its a lesson I'll never ever forget! Hes really outgoing and wild so he's fun to be around. (some of the other elders said he would be a hard companion)
We were able to find a few new people to teach this week that are looking pretty good! Its two 15 year old boys and a 20 year old girl. We found them while contacting people on the street. They seem really interested and I'm looking forward to working with them.
My companion has some heath problems that are pretty bad, mainly because of the walking that we do. His feet are crazy, the bottoms of them are literally like rocks. I gave him one of my pairs of shoes to use because they are much more comfortable than his. I've been pretty worried all week because of his problems. i let president know in my email, so hopefully we'll get him some sort of help soon.
So good news with my Portuguese! its getting better! Both Elder Boldrin (elder in my house that I'm really good friends with) and my comp say that my accent is getting much better. I've been working really really hard with it and its starting to pay off! I have a huge testimony of whatever we ask for, in faith, we can receive. I'm so grateful for all the help i get every single day from Him.
Super cool that the Jazz moved on! I'm proud of my Jazz, already looking forward to watching them when i get home.
So as far as my guess goes for Ty's call.... stateside, I'm gonna guess somewhere in california. internationally, i think he's going to the UK. Super super anxious to hear where he goes!
I'm looking forward to the rest of this transfer. I'm already really liking elder Naytson and i think I'm going to really enjoy it. That's it for me though, sorry for the kinda short email! Have a good week!!
Love Elder Odom

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