Thursday, May 25, 2017

Companion health issues and a little guitar

May 8th

Another week down! So, what happened this week.

The first thing is about my companion, Elder Naytson. His health just isn't good. He has lots of problems in his legs and he feels a lot of pain, and from what he says it's almost constant, but especially when he's walking around a lot. As missionaries, it's kind of hard to avoid doing that! We went to the doctor to see whats wrong and they did and x-ray on his leg but still don't know why he's feeling pain. So, we need to go back on the 11th to have him do some more tests. On the mission, it really seems to take forever when you go to the doctor, so that trip wasted almost an entire day. This week he also got a pretty bad flu and was out of commission almost 2 days. His fever was high and it was tough for him. He was pretty mad about it because of all the time that we missed because of his health problems, but there's really no other choice but to let him rest because he was dying. So it's been a bit tough to work normally this week because of that, but regardless we were able to get some good lessons.

One of our lessons that was super cool was with 2 investigators, a girl named Eduarda and her mom named Fabiana. Eduarda is 17 and her mom is about 40. We found Eduarda the first week of the transfer but weren't able to find her at home until this past Saturday. We taught the Restoration and it went really good! When we found Eduarda the first week, she was sitting on a bench by herself and he felt like we should talk to her. When we did, we introduced ourselves and started to talk about our message, and she started to cry. She said she is having some problems in her life and she's been praying for help, and that's when we talked to her. Then during the lesson, both her and her mom cried. They said that the first time we found her it was in the exact moment when she needed help, and when we visited on Saturday it was the same thing, just the right moment when she was needing help. During the lesson I really felt the Spirit confirming to them that this is the path that Heavenly Father has for them, and I know that they felt the same way too. This is one of the coolest parts of the mission, to be led by the Spirit even when you don't know that you are! When we made that first contact with her, we didn't know that she was needing our help, we just felt like we should talk to her, so we did. I know that when we're making the right choices and asking for opportunities to help others, Heavenly Father will turn us into instruments in His hands, even when we don't know it. We can have a much bigger impact on the lives of others than we know!

Another thing about my companion. Sometimes he's a bit impulsive and likes to do crazy things. On Wednesday he did just that. The week before while we were at a members house eating lunch, they brought out a guitar and Elder Boldrin, another Elder, and I started to play a bit. Elder Naytson watched us and thought it was super super cool and after that he was 100% determined that he was going to learn how to play guitar. He knows that I taught guitar before the mission, so he said that I was going to teach him. The very next day he went and spent 250 reais on a used guitar so i could teach him how to play. So there's a good and a bad side to this... the good part is that I get to play more often and help my companion learn to play too, and the bad side is it's a huge temptation to play! I have to really force myself to not to play it all the time when I should be studying or something. So I made goals for myself, I'll teach Elder Naytson, but I'll only play on P Day! But it is super sweet to have a guitar again! I miss playing a ton!

There's my week though. Next sunday we get to Skype! I cant believe it! Something that my trainer Elder O'Neill said was that in between Christmas and Mother's Day time flies. It's true! It doesn't seem like that long ago that we were Skyping!  Have a great week!

Elder Odom

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