Monday, March 6, 2017

This week flew by

Another week down and it was a pretty quick one for me! So here's a few of the bigger things that happened this week.

So for the past almost 3 weeks I've been sick,but nothing too big. Just an annoying cold where my throat hurts a bit and I always have a runny nose. Good news is it wasn't bad at all this week, it seems like I'm getting over it finally. But, my companion got sick this week and apparently it was worse for him. Tuesday night he was starting to feel pretty sick and was feeling weak, had a headache, was coughing, and had a runny nose. I gave him some of the medicine that you sent me with and went to bed. The next morning on Wednesday he was feeling a lot worse. Eventually he decided he was too sick to work, so we called the sister in the ward that was making our lunch and she was nice enough to bring some food over for us! But basically all of Wednesday Elder Almeida just slept. While he was sleeping, I studied. I read the scriptures, Jesus the Christ, Preach my Gospel, etc for hours and hours. Whats funny is I've always told myself that if my comp gets sick I'll just study the entire day and so that's what I did! It was actually pretty sweet! I enjoyed the opportunity to study that long. I think in total I studied 10 hours. Thursday he was feeling sick too, but we worked starting at 3 in the afternoon.

With my investigators its going better! We got the family I'm teaching to church yesterday, and for the first time ever they came to church without us having to go to their house to pick them up! They showed up almost an hour late, but hey they're making progress. We've almost taught them all the lessons now, and so the only thing that they need to do now is the parents need to get married and they need to get rid of some addictions. But they're a really good family. We also found another family to start teaching which is a miracle. 

On top of that, we had 7 investigators at church between the ward and the group! In Ituverava, we found 3 more people that had contact with the missionaries and have been to church before but have never actually had a lesson with them. It's crazy how Heavenly Father just gave us these people to teach this week. When we as missionaries are promised that Heavenly Father will put people in our path, it's real! I'm super grateful for these people and really excited to see how they progress.

It sounds like there's been a lot of snow in Utah!  A member (14 years old) was asking me if we had lots of snow in Utah.  When I explained it, she asked me to try to send some snow to her when I get home.  It's crazy how people here picture snow as the coolest thing ever.  I've taken on some of that mindset since I've been here!  It's been almost a year since I've touched snow!

So what I studied a lot this week was about the Spirit. The Spirit is something that we can take for granted. Here on the mission I've come to understand a little bit more about how awesome the Gift of the Holy Ghost really is. If we are doing everything that we should and we are diligently seeking to have the Spirit with us, we can literally know the answer to every problem we have. I just didn't quite understand this before the mission. With the Spirit we can know everything that we need to do. To get the Spirit, we need to pray with faith. This week I've been trying my best to let my prayers be an actual conversation with God, because its really easy to be repetitive. You guys should read the section "Pray with Faith" in preach my gospel, it has a lot of super good points on how to improve our prayers. It would be a good family home evening lesson!

But yeah I think that's about it. Transfers are next week though!  For me this transfer was way fast.  I should be staying here and getting a new companion.  Alright, talk to you guys next week!

Elder Odom

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