Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 13th - Another Transfer!

March 13th

Hey everyone!
So, I got transferred! After just one single transfer! When I heard, I couldnt believe it. crazier yet, my companion is going to be... Elder Torres! He's one of my best friends on the mission, he's been in the same district as me since I got here to the field; in aracatuba together, here in my new area, and now we're comps. Pretty cool, i'm excited. my new area is his area that he's in right now. There used to be only one companionship there but now president is adding another one because the area is so big, so i'll be a part of the new one. I think I've already sent a few pics with elder torres and me, hes the elder from mexico city. My new area is the Pinhareis ward in a city called Franca.
This week was interesting as far as work goes. I only worked in my own area in Sao Joaqim monday night and a part of tuesday then i went to the zone leaders area. We had Zone Meeting last wednesday, so we traveled to Franca on tuesday night for that. While we were there, we decided that we'd do splits this week because there were a few people in my area that needed to be intervied for baptism. Elder Guzman from washinton DC went with my comp and I stayed with Elder Mehmetof, my other ZL. It was a ton of fun, each morning we woke up and played bball for an hour or so. It was super fun to play. Elder Mehmetof is currently entering his last transfer on the mission and I learned a lot from working with him. Hes a super funny guy and really helped me out.
The highlight from this week was our baptism!! We baptized the younger brother in the family we're teaching whose name is Eduardo. He's awesome and id setting such a good example for the rest of his family. It's sad that I wont be there to see the progress of the rest of the family, but since i didnt even change which district Im in Ill still be able to talk to Elder Almeida every week to see how they're doing. The hard part of this transfer was saying bye to them, when we went to their house and told them im leaving on saturday night, they were super super sad. I really hope that they can stick with it and get over the problems that they have and all be baptized one day! Theres also a family in the ward that loves the missionaries to death. The names of the parents are Ione (mom) and Selatiel (dad) and saying bye to them was sad too. Because Im still in the same stake, maybe Ill get to see them again though! Im super grateful for everything they did to help us.Alrighty, theres my week. sorry i didnt write a ton, I didnt have much time this week. But have a good one friends and fam!
-Elder Odom

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