Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 20th - Bball and "cooler" weather

First week in the new transfer! It was good, I'm already having fun with elder torres. First I'll tell you guys a little about him.
So like I said he's from Mexico City and he was one of my first friends on the mission. His dad is actually American, from New York. Elder Torres really likes basketball and plays well, his high school team won the tournament out of all the teams in Mexico twice while he was playing! We're playing bball almost every morning with the Zone Leaders so it's been fun to play with him. He also has been to the states a ton, he said he's been visiting 2 or 3 times per year for most of his life, so he knows Utah well. He said that when he was at home he spoke english really well but he forgot a lot of it out here. He understands most of what I say when I'm talking with another American. He doesn't really speak english with me, because he has a funny problem that when he speaks Spanish or English too much he forgets Portuguese and it becomes really hard for him to speak out of nowhere. Its already happened to him while he was remembering how his dad only speaks English when he's mad, and as he was thinking about it he lost the ability to speak Portuguese, it was funny! But, we're having fun together and it should be a good transfer with him.
We are still starting to build up a solid teaching group, but we do have one investigator who is looking pretty good. Her name is Dienifer (pronounced similar to Jennifer) who's 17 years old. When I got here, she had already been taught a lot, but the problem that he has is confidence;faith. It seems to me that she doesn't 100% believe that she will get an answer, and when she does it'll be something big. I know she's already received and answer and we explained it to her, but in her head she still thinks she doesn't have enough faith or something to get an answer so she looks past the answers she's already gotten. I'm sure she'll be baptized though, we just need to keep working with her and be patient.
Something super fun that we did this week was we found waffles! It was about as close as you can get to a waffle in the states, but because Brazil doesnt have syrup its not quite as good.
Something funny that happened on Saturday was on the bus. This area is pretty big, and so we needed to take to bus to the other side of the area. But what ended up happening is we both fell asleep! It was only for 10 mins, but it cost us 30 mins of walking, and it was pouring super hard that day. Sometimes you just have to laugh at there kind of things that happen on the mish.
But I also felt "cold" for the first time on the mission this week! It wasnt super cold, but probably around 52 or something. It was when it was raining and had lots of wind. Maybe I mentioned last week, but Franca is higher up than all the other cities in the mission and so it has a lot more wind and is a bit colder. Not so say that it's cold or anything, but it is soooo much better than my other areas, especially Aracatuba! Im super gratful for the weather here.
Thats my week though, still getting the hang of the new area eveything, but Im looking forward to the transfer, its gonna be a good one. Until next week! I I love you all!
-Elder Odom

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