Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's Hot Here!!

Hey Everyone!

Phew, I'm tired! This week was pretty brutal! Mainly because of all the walking we did and how hot it was. I'm totally drained now. There were a few moments where my comp and I actually thought we were going to die! But everything is good, we are alive and well just a bit tired. So we're going to recharge today for P Day and get energy for the rest of the week. So a few things that happened.

Our investigator Eunice is doing pretty good. She came to church yesterday! Second time I've had an investigator come to church so far on the mission, so I was pretty excited. Although, she took off after just the first hour of sacrament meeting. I think because the last 2 Sundays were only 1 hour because of the holidays, she now thinks that every meeting is only an hour. So we'll have to explain that church is 3 hours every week. But she still wants to be baptized, and we are just deciding if we should baptize her in a week or on the 21st. We're praying everything works out!

Last week, we found a guy named Tiago on the street and we started to talk to him about our message. He is a barber, so he invited us into his barber shop and we taught him the Restoration. This week when we taught him again, we reviewed the Restoration and really emphasized the importance of the Book of Mormon this time. He understood everything pretty well, and actually showed some interest in learning more which is surprising, the first lesson he didn't seem super interested. Goes to show that you really cant count anybody out.

Ingrid is doing good, but we were only able to teach her once this week. We had another day planned, but that day we had lunch on the other side of the area. Lunch started late, and when we got done we wouldnt have been able to make it, because it was at least an hour and a half walk away. 
But, this lunch was kinda funny. On Saturday, it was a bit over 100 degrees and there wasn't very much wind and we didn't have clouds. We walked an hour and 10 mins to get to lunch, and when we got to the members house I was dead tired. We sat down on their couch and waited for them to finish making lunch. Once we started eating, my Elder Mascena and I realized that the food was 1000 degrees too. The wife said "Lets get the fan for you guys" but the husband said "No its okay we don't need it." Not sure why, because my companion said that I looked like the outside of a cold water bottle on a hot day and my shirt looked like I jumped into a pool. So we ate as we were burning hot, then after lunch walked back out into the heat. It wasn't very funny while I living the moment, but thinking about it now is pretty funny!

There's another family that we found this week. There's a mom and her daughter, Laura and Sara. Plus the moms boyfriend, but he didn't listen to our message. Laura went to the baptist church for years, and her boyfriend is jehovahs witness, so we'll see how that goes! They're super nice, and already talked with missionaries, but its been like 7 years or something. We decided to teach them the Gospel of Christ and not the Restoration to start, because we thought they'd accept the Restoration better once after hearing just about Jesus Christ. The lesson went pretty good, but right at the end Elder Mascena brought up eternal families, and Laura said "That's actually a question I have! I asked a bunch of pastors from different churches but nobody seems to know" we told her we'd be happy to explain it to her. Then Sara asked about the resurrection of animals. And now they want an answer to that as well, but the thing is they want to us to give them an answer using only the Bible. So we have 1 week to find out about eternal families and animals in the Bible! Should be fun!

Have a good one everybody, love you all!

-Elder Odom

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