Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Investigators came to church and loving the rain

First of all, the weather was a better for sure because it's been raining a ton this week. It rained 5 days this week I think. I love the rain out here. Whenever it starts to rain, I immediately get super happy, its always such a relief. Walking out in the rain is super fun! Funny story about that, we were walking down one of the main roads to our last lesson of the day on Wednesday and it was pouring super hard. Then from the other side of the road we heard someone yelling "Elderes!" We looked and saw one of the members in the ward pulled over and waving for us to come over. She told us to get in, but we were soaking wet. We said "Are you sure?" and she just said "Get in!" So we hopped in. She was worried that being out in the "cold" rain would make us sick. Looks like that myth exists here in Brazil too! So she decided that we needed to go home and change and then she'd give us a ride to our next appointment. She drove us to our house and despite us saying over and over that she didn't need to, she was adamant about waiting. We really appreciated the help, but we knew that we'd just get wet again after our lesson and we didn't want to use another pair of clothes! Plus, for real we really love walking out in the rain because it's not hot. So we let her take us to our next lesson, and then on the way home we got soaked. 

With Ingrid we had a weird experience. She had to change hours, so now she has to start working at 1 in the afternoon, so the only time that we can teach her is in the mornings. So we marked 10 with her, but when we showed up her "uncle" said that she already left. It seemed really weird to us because she said for sure she'd be home at 10. So 2 days later we went to her work (she works at an acai place, just think of ice cream) to find out what happened. We walked in and when she saw us she started going off about how it wasn't her fault and we didn't even say a word. Turns out, her dumb uncle told us she already left but she was at home cleaning. I was pretty ticked at her uncle. Also, she said that because of him, she doesn't have a job anymore. I still don't know what happened but she said she'd explain next time we teach her. Her life is super rough, it just really makes me so graetful for everything that I am blessed with.

Last week I talked about how we needed to teach that families are eternal  and talk about animals being resurrected using the Bible, and so on Saturday that's the lesson we taught along with the Plan of Salvation. It went good! We did the best that we could because the Bible is missing some stuff, but regardless I think it was decent. It was fun to see if we could do it too, like a challenge. The lesson was with Laura and Sara, and I think that they have some potential, so we'll see what happens with them.

This week at church, we had 2 investigators, I was pumped! Eunice came, and finally after over 2 months of teaching Bernadate came to church. Also, I get the opportunity to bless the sacrament in Portuguese for the first time so that was cool. It looks like Eunice is going to get baptized this week on Saturday too, so I'm really happy about that!

That's everything I can think of that you guys would want to hear. Have another good week!
Love you all

Elder Odom

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