Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas week

A few good parts of this week:

On Wednesday i did splits with one of the zone leaders and it was fun. we made tons of contacts, and that morning i found the addresses for a few inactive members that we were able to visit. We got to one of their houses, and turns out they don't live there anymore. But, we talked to the person who does live there and they are actually really interested! its a girl that's about our age i think named Ingrid. She payed really close attention when we taught her the Restoration on the doorstep, and she really liked the message. when we went back on Friday, she told us about an experience she had after she prayed about the book of Mormon. she was sleeping and at 5:30 in the morning she heard someone calling her name from downstairs. she thought it was her mom, so she went to check but nobody was there. Then it happened again, and the same thing, nobody was there! But through the experience she said she didn't feel scared at all. She said that there is no way it was just in her head though. Not sure if it was an answer to her prayer or not, but it was interesting to hear about for sure.

We have another lady named Eunice that were teaching. She is around 70 years old and said that she was baptized into our church when she was 9, shes positive. but we arent sure the church was here when she was baptized, and the location of the church that she explained isnt where any of our buildings are, so we will have to look into her records. But she is taking the gospel really well and said that if she doesnt have a record, she'll be baptized again!

Highlight of the week was talking to the fam! Seeing everyone made me so happy.  Immediately after the call i just got back to work.  I have to keep focused on here, because even though i miss you guys, the work goes on! But it was so fun to see everyone.

Alright, Love you all!  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Love, Spence

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