Wednesday, November 2, 2016

First Transfer

 Hey everybody, I made it through my first transfer in the field! Crazy Im already here! So a little about this past week.

First off, the rain just keeps coming, it rained almost everyday this week and whenever it does it pours, which is awesome, because I love the rain, it always makes my day feel so much better! Also, because it rained so much, it was much cooler this week which I am very grateful for.

This week we had a super interesting guy that we taught this week. His name is Voumir, and seems to be about 30ish years old. I made contact with him last week with the ward mission leader. So we went to his house to visit him, and taught him the Restoration. We found out he talked with missionaries years ago, so he kind of knew our message a bit but couldnt remember a ton. But wha'ts so cool about him is that he is the first person I have met here that actually wants to find the truth. He has been to multiple churches throughout his life and he's noticed that they teach different stuff even if its the same church. He said that when he has a question, he looks to the Bible, and by doing this he has found something wrong with every church he has been to so far, like the catholic, baptist, and all others. When we heard this we started getting so excited! But he said that he doesnt want to look into our church because he's moving to another state next month and needs to focus on finishing up school and his job here. The cool thing is he said that when he moves he will go find out church, and now he's going to start using the Book of Mormon and Bible together to find answers! How cool! My companion and I were joking that he's a modern day Brazilian Joseph Smith. I hope he can find the missionaries wherever he moves to!

A few days this week we did some door knocking on the outskirts of the city where there aren't a lot of paved roads, and so I got to see a little bit of the Brazilian countryside! From what I've seen here and what my companion has told me, cities in Brazil have set boundaries, and so once you go passed the last road, its just fields and forests, unlike the US that slowly get less and less populated. This week was the first time I got to see all that, and it was really cool!

On Saturday we had an activity with all the missionaries in the city and all the youth in the stake. we went to an area in the center of the city with lots of shops and stores and handed out pass along cards. We did that for 2 hours, and my companion and I combined talked to over 100 people! All the youth and missionaries combined got over 400. It was an easy fun way to get lots of people contacted!

Okay, now for the last big thing this week. We figured out if we were being transfered or not on Saturday, and my companion and i thought that we were going to get split up. Normally they don't do that to companionships during training, but my mission president hardly ever keeps a missionary in the same area for more than 3 transfers, and this last transfer was Elder ONeills 3rd. So what we thought was he was going to get transfered and I was going to get a Brazilian trainer, but we both ended up staying together! I would've been good if I got a Brazilian, but I'm glad I get to have Elder ONeill finish out my training. We get along super good and its super nice to be able to ask him how to say something in English if I dont know how in Portuguese.

I've been studying a lot about charity this past week. What I've learned is that if we had to choose just one Christlike attribute to have, it would be this one. I've never realized how important it is! Moroni 7:45-48 is awesome. It teaches us all qualifications to have the pure love of Christ, and so this week I've been doing my best to do all those things! That's something that's great about a mission, it's a great place to really try and apply the things we learn from the scriptures.

Thats about it for me! Everyone keep up the good work back home, have a good one!

-Elder Odom

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