Monday, November 14, 2016

Continuing the work

Hey everyone, another week down!

Lately its been super tough to find people to teach, but Tuesday was a pretty good day, because we got a referral from a member. She gave us a present to give to one of her friends for her birthday, and she told us the present included a Book of Mormon and that she thinks her friend would be interested. Referrals aren't super common, so when we get them we are always grateful! So we went over to her house, and gave her the present. Her name is Tahuany, and is 27 years old. We talked and got to know her, and then talked to her about the Restoration. She understood it all, and seemed genuinely interested! It was super cool because she was asking questions throughout the lesson, and right at the end she said "I have one more question... where do we go after we die?" How cool!! We explained that we have another message that can explain where we are from, why we are here, and where we go after this life. It was a super cool lesson, because its been extremely hard for us to find people to teach, people we find street contacting always are impossible to find again at home after the first lesson or aren't interested anymore, so it was a blessing to get her as a referral.
Another super cool investigator we have is Guilherme. He's 23 years old. Here's his story. He has passed in front of our church a few different times, and said he always saw happy people. So, he decided to find out a little about the mormons. He googled us and ended up on He followed steps to make contact with representitives, and ended up talking with 2 brazilian sister missionaries in Temple Square! They taught him a little of the first lesson over the phone, and afterward got ahold of our secretary in our misson and passed his information to him, who then gave it to us. So we called him and set up a time to meet. Although, we can only meet with him at the church building becuase his parents hate other religions other than theirs. We taught him the first lesson, and he took it pretty well. He doesn't seem as interested as Tahuany, but we still have high hopes for him. But how cool to get an investigator like him? He looked for the church on his own, that's super rare! We're super excited to work with him!

The last cool story I have for this week happened on Saturday. We had lunch with a member like normal, but after lunch was done the dad grabbed the guitar in the corner of the room and started to play a few chords. Their 15 year old daughter plays as well. I wasn't going to say anything, but Elder ONeill was very quick to inform them that I taught guitar before the mission. Then they invited me to play, and so I did. It was such a blast for me to get the chance to play again for a little bit, I really miss playing all the time!

This week we had something big happen in the mission. Elder Renlund came to our mission and I think he had 3 talks planned to give to us! But.... because we were over an hour outside of Ribeirao Preto, we didn't get to see anything. All the missionaries were so mad. We had an apostle in the mission boundaries and we didn't even get to see him!! So lame!! But, not much we can do about it!

So that's all for me. Hope everyone back home is doing good, until next week!

 -Elder Odom

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