Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another good week and thanksgiving dinner

Hey all! Another good week down in the mish.

So with the investigator Vanderlei, he's not doing super good anymore because he has some issues that are preventing him from progressing, so at this point Elder O'Neill and I don't now what top do with him, so we'll see where it goes!

My other investigator is Bernadate, the 65ish year old lady. shes doing alright, she believes that Joseph was a prophet and the BoM is the word of God, but she still hasn't come to church 2 weeks in a row when she said she was positive she would, and her problem right now is that she doesn't think she needs to be baptized again. Its super interesting to see how differently people accept the gospel, something that might be hard for one person to accept might be easy for another person. That's why they have such a big emphasis on teaching people, not lessons! Were going to keep working on her, and hopefully she will get an answer that she needs to be baptized again and we can get her baptized!

We also taught Joe the american guy again. The lessons with him are going good! We think that he actually has a testimony of God, but he just is a bit confused about everything. Its interesting, because when we taught him this week he said that he didnt read or pray because he didn't have enough time. but then he admitted that hes actually just a bit scared to read because hes worried about the answer that he will get. He's happy with his life right now and he knows if he receives and answer he will have to follow it, and becoming a member will be a big change. I just said that i totally understand where hes coming from, and that this is a concern that other people have too. But, I said that even though it will be a big change, that I promise that if he chooses to make this change he will be happier. I know that because of all the happiness I've received in my own life from this gospel, and I want him to experience the same joy that I've found. I have hope that he will join eventually. If not soon, maybe down the road sometime. He's a super cool guy and is fun to talk to.

Saturday we had Thanksgiving dinner! The sister Bianca in our ward that grew up in the states invited elder oneill and me and 2 other companionship's to have Thanksgiving at her house. We had turkey, corn, stuffing, and I even had her make sweet potatoes with marshmellows and brown sugar! Here in brazil you cant find all the same stuff. Like their sweet potatoes are normal brown colored, and they don't taste as strong. But, it was still a super good meal! How cool i got to have a Thanksgiving dinner in Brazil! 

There's my week. Out here 'Ive for sure learned what it means to be patient, and its after we're patient that we receive blessings. The mission has been tough and i know it always will be, but its also super rewarding! i love it out here! Have a great week everyone!

 -Elder Odom

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