Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Last week in the MTC

So here i am in the last week of the CTM! time here is the weirdest thing ever. i have no idea how im already done with a transfer but it feels like I've been here for sooo long at the same time! Im going to miss all the friends I've made here, but I'm ready to start my real mission!

So something funny that elder meyer from my district showed me was watermelon with sugar..... It's so good, I'm addicted to it now! Every time they have watermelon for lunch or dinner we both get soooo much and chow down! As of right now, I'm still not sick of rice, beans, and meat for every meal but that might change after a few more months of it!

Last saturday was my busiest day on my mission so far! We had proselyting, splits 5 mins after, then TRC which is a 30 min lesson with a member, then 2 lessons with our investigators. I got a little taste of what the field will be like! So proselying was great. We went to downtown são paulo where all the buildings were huge!! My companion elder scowcroft said it reminded him a lot of his home back in new york city. We handed out 6 books of mormon, and one of them we had a cool experience. We saw a guy walking across the street and so we decided to talk to him. We went up and siad hi, and come to find out he was taking the missionary discussions and then he moved to São Paulo, now he didn't know where to go to church! It was so cool that we got to run into him, what a blessing! Heavenly Father looks after those who want to hear the truth.

Today i got to go to the temple for most likely the last time in 2 years, becuase i dont have a temple in my mission. I'm sad about that but i ended on a good note. We got the 2nd session today which means we have to wait 2 hours to start. So, they were nice enough to invite us to do baptisms and confermations! Half of the elders with us did baptisms, half did conformations, which i did. The font area is beautiful! So glad i got to go every week here in the CTM.

So this is it, here i go into the field! Thank you all so much for your support so far in my misson. Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Odom

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