Thursday, September 15, 2016

Apostles Pump Me Up!

Hey everybody! First full week in the brazil CTM! This place is a lot of fun. The past week has been good. Our last 2 devotionals we got to hear from two different apostles! Super cool, even though it was from the Provo MTC, it's still so cool to hear from them. Every time I do they get me so pumped up for the field!

So this is my 2nd to last P day until I hit the real missionary experience in Ribierão Preto. I´m a bit nervous, but at the same time I'm looking forward to it. It is going to be nice to get a change of scenery and get going! P days here are really cool. We get to go outside the CTM and go to the different shops in the area. There's a cookie place right across the street called Mr. Cheney´s cookies (shout out to the Cheney family!). They're so good! They also have a store and a barbershop and a bakery, and lots of other places so that's something I really have been looking forward to.

My district is the best. I have only been here for a little over a week, but l get along with them all so good! There's 3 other elders in a trio, then a companionship of sisters. Elder Torgerson's (an elder in my district) dad and my dad served in the same mission! How cool! And another Elder named Elder Meyer and I met before we came here. We ran into each other on our senior trips in California at a church in Newport!

The language is coming better every week. When I talk to my teachers and other Americans in Portuguese, I can do pretty good. But, the second I listen to two Brazilians talking to each other I barely understand anything! I have a ways to go, but I know I will get it eventually! 

Thanks for all the support back home, you are the best! have a good week!

Elder Odom

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