Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Over 60 doors visited!

Hello everybody! another week come and gone! This week went by pretty quick for me. The time just seems to keep going quicker and quicker!

But, as far the work is going it wasn't as fast this week. At this point we're running out of ideas of how to find new people to teach, so we decided that we're just going to visit as many inactive members as we can and try to teach non-members in their families. In the past week, we've visited over 60 addresses. It's sad to see when people don't have a desire to come back to church. We're trying our best to help them, but the problem is the same for all of them, they don't read the Book of Mormon, pray, pay tithing, etc. all the little stuff. The longer I'm out here the more I learn how important the little things are. Something that President Scholz always talks about are the "simple and basic things", because without them no doubt you'll start to lose or weaken your testimony. On the upside, we were able to find a few new people to teach because of this. Now the problem is finding them at home again when they say they'll be!

Elder Torres is still dealing with problems with his finger and also has problems in his shoulders, so he started to do physical therapy this week. Not the most fun thing in the world, but I just use the time to read. He was also super sick this week with a really bad cold or something, so on tuesday after Zone meeting, we went home and didnt go back out. Its lame we had to do that because we need to find new people to teach, but if he's sick you can't really do anything about it. That day he slept 13 hours out of 24! So like last transfer, I got a day where I studied a lot! It wasnt 10 hours like last time, but it was still a lot of time.

Now for the sad part of the week. Our investigator Dienifer that we've been working with had to be cut. We visited her 2 times this week and explained the answers she's received. On friday, we asked her "Do you believe that you received an answer during General Conference as well as other days?" she said yes. But then she said "But I decided I'm not going to go to church anymore, and I still wont be baptized." It's one of the saddest things out here on the mission for sure when someone knows what they need to do and have an answer from God but choose not to follow. We were feeling really bad about her choice, but as missionaries we did all we could and what we're suppose to, which is help her receive and answer from God. There's nothing more we can do because we can't choose for her, only she can do that. So that was a pretty rough part of the week, but we just have to keep going.

But that's all from me this week. Wasn't too exciting, just a bunch of finding different addresses. Something that I studied a lot this week was Alma 31 and 32. Those chapters are awesome! We learn about how important prayer is, and at the way that Alma explains faith is super cool. He literally says exactly what we need to do to receive a testimony and grow our faith. I'm super grateful for the scriptures and everything we learn from them. I've come to learn in the last months that every single problem we have in our lives can be answered using the Book of Mormon. Because we have it, it really shows how much God loves us.
I love all you guys, thanks for all your prayers and support, i'm super grateful for each one of you! until next week!
-Elder Odom

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