Friday, June 30, 2017

Called to be the mission executive secretary!

May 29th

So first I'm gonna talk about this past week. It was a pretty good one to end the transfer!

This week we had the ward talent show, and when it was first planned the stake presidents wife asked us to participate once she learned that Elder Boldrin and I play guitar. So we participated and it was super sick. We had a sweet version of Hotel California that we played and also ended up playing Radioactive because it's a fun song that everybody has heard before. The ward loved it! It was pretty fun to get to play in front of people again, reminded me of the good times back at Rock U! I filmed the songs so I'll send them to you guys, but ill have to do it next week.

The other companionship in our ward baptized a couple and it was really cool. On saturday they had the baptism, and then at night they had their wedding ceremony. It was a pretty big thing so we were there pretty much all day helping them out. We got up early to clean the church before the baptism, then after the baptism we went to the stake presidents house for lunch which was super good, then we went straight back to the church to get ready for the wedding. It was a ton of work! But, it turned out great and they had a lot of fun which is whats important.

With Thammy, it was a good week too. She's awesome! Because of all the stuff that her mom's gone through, shes a little unstable at times. Thammy is only 8 years old (9 in june) but she's the one that takes care of her mom with lots of stuff and talks to her when she needs it. I really cant believe how she turned out so good when she has had such a hard life so far! Its super clear that Heavenly Father put her with her mom because if it wasn't for her, i'm not sure where her mom would be. She's also going to be baptized next month on her birthday which i'm super excited about.

So, for the big news... the transfer. Right now, I'm emailing from the mission office! I was called to be the missions executive secretary! I got the phone call on saturday night. We were helping clean up from the wedding when one of the assistants called me. He told me that i was being transferred to an area called Vila Virginia and that I'd be the new executive on the mission. it was a big surprise! even though i was already thinking that it was probable that i get called, by the end of this last transfer id convinced myself that i wasn't going to be the new executive. So when i got the call I was feeling both excited, sad, nervous, happy, all at the same time. I realized that what you said dad is right, the Lord will give me all the opportunities that I personally need so i don't need to worry about what i think i want, i just need to always trust the Lord will give me whats best for me. So here i am, pretty funny that dwain and i both are in the office now in our missions! It should be a great opportunity to grow. I'm already learning a lot and its only the first day! I'll have lots of responsibilities but it'll be good. 

So that's all i have time for today, I'll talk to you guys next saturday, because that's when my P Day is now! Have a good week!

-Elder Odom

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